Benefits of the GrindStar®

Features of the GrindStar® during ultra-shallow, full-surface processing of crop residues

  • Ultra-shallow, full-surface cultivation of the soil and crop residues to a working depth of 0 to 2 cm, which stimulates active surface rotting
  • The crumb structure of the soil is disturbed as little as possible by this gentle tillage method
  • Smear layers or smearing of water-bearing pores/earthworm burrows are largely avoided
  • Ultra-shallow tillage maintains soil cover; organic material is deposited on the soil surface

The unique features of the GrindStar® 

  • Easy to use
  • Cost saving thanks to reduction of herbicides
  • Above-ground material is processed and frayed, but not completely shredded as with actively driven equipment (mulchers, tillers)
  • Crop and plant residues are distributed evenly over the soil surface
  • Volunteer seeds (volunteer cereals, volunteer rape and weed seeds) are encouraged to germinate and are not buried
  • Root balls and coarse components are broken up, meaning that no coarse components remain on the soil surface -> seedbeds can be prepared much (!) more extensively
  • The number of passes determines the cultivation intensity, meaning that the effects are regulated
  • The smooth operating principle and the lightweight design mean that small, lightweight tractors can be used for optimum soil protection
  • Cost savings as the low tractive power requirement results in low fuel consumption – only 20 hp per metre of working width
  • High driving speeds of 12 - 18 km/h ensure high area outputs
  • Combined catch crop sowing possible

The GrindStar® creates these solutions

  • Interruption of capillarity when stubble is cut across the entire area
  • Ultra-flat cut to maintain ground cover and protect soil moisture
  • No burying volunteer grain, volunteer rapeseed and weeds
  • Root weeds are also significantly reduced through repeated cutting until total control success is achieved. The number of passes defines the result

The importance of ultra-flat tillage for the emergence of volunteer grains and weed seeds:

Emergence of blackgrass

Soil depth in cm Emergence of blackgrass in %
1 60,0
2 30,5
3 7,5
4 2,0
  Source: according to Cussans 1979

The principle

  • Working the field with light, soil-friendly equipment (6.00 m working width - 15 km/h with 160 hp tractor)
  • The number of passes defines the intensity or degree of efficiency
  • Ideally, the intensity of grinding is increased before sowing the main crop to introduce air and warmth into the soil. As a result, organically bound nitrogen is converted to become available to plants through the activity of bacteria.

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