The SAPHIR brand


The SAPHIR brand stands for practice-orientated, robust and proven technology in the areas of grassland technology, soil tillage, equipment, silage technology as well as farm, industrial and municipal technology. This principle is consistently followed in the design and manufacture.

All legal certifications and standards are adhered to. Regular quality controls by our Saphir engineering team guarantee high product quality. Devices and components are prefabricated at various production sites in Central Europe.

The final assembly of the devices is carried out according to customer-specific wishes and specifications. The construction of individual items and small batches from prefabricated components is carried out by experienced metal workers and agricultural machinery mechanics at the Bockel location.

Over 2,500 different devices and components are always in stock. The SAPHIR programme is distributed through specialist dealers throughout Europe. Our specialist retail customers are supported by the SAPHIR field and office sales team.


The idea for GrindStar®

One summer’s day, a Sapphire engineer stubbed out his cigarette on a stubble field, using a circular motion with the sole of his shoe. He then noticed that the stubble was frayed and crushed.

This observation gave rise to the idea of ​​building a grinding device. This was followed by many years of practical attempts to use this grinding principle after harvesting various crops.

After the benefits of the functional principle were confirmed in an initial master’s thesis, the subsequent collaboration with the Institute for Construction and Agricultural Machinery Technology at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, the design partner seed2soil and financing from the (agricultural) Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank helped us develop a completely new tool for ultra-flat stubble and tillage.

The result is now the patented GrindStar® system.

We can now scientifically formulate agricultural benefits and position them in comparison to known soil tillage techniques.

We are now looking forward to seeing diverse experiences in fields around the world and are proud to be able to present solutions for the future of agriculture.


Developing with our partners

The conscious use of resources, saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and thus keeping the personal ecological footprint as small as possible are becoming increasingly important for different generations.

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Tim Schröder
Product Manager
Telephone: +49 (0) 4281- 712 459
Mobile: +49 (0) 170 – 928 02 45
E-Mail: tim.schroeder(at)

Your contact

Ole Denker
Product Manager
Telephone: +49 (0) 4281- 712 3947
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 – 643 36 796
E-Mail: ole.denker(at)

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